Hey cucumber lovers out there!!!

Cucumbers are one of my all time favorite flavors of summer. This recipe is light, refreshing, and infuses the perfect amount of sesame, heat, and don't forget the crunch. Warning! This dish is addictive and you may have a hard time sharing.


Step 1

Why smash the cucumbers? Smashing the cucumbers helps to release the cucumbers natural flavor (similar to smashing garlic).

Wash and cut the ends off of the cucumbers. Cut the cucumbers into 1 inch pieces. Lay on the side and cut them in half. Now smash them, seeds facing down. Smashing them will cause them to split down the center so go ahead and pull them apart.

Step 2

Sprinkle the cucumbers with a couple pinches of salt and toss.

Let them sweat for about 30 minutes.

Then use a strainer to drain the liquid.

Step 3

Now that you have drained the cucumbers, add the rest of the ingredients.

(garlic, sesame seeds, sugar, salt, gochugaru, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil)

Finely chop a handful of cilantro and add to the bowl.

Now mix.

I like to serve them right away.

Not spicy enough for you? Add a little more #gochugaru!


Do you love a tender, juicy, flavorful burger? This recipe is really easy and packed with yummy Korean flavors you know and love. The weekends are for no fuss meals, laughs and good conversation. Yeah for FriYAYYY!

Get out that Born with Seoul #bulgogi sauce and Original Sesame #gochujang and let's make some burgers!

Ingredients for 4 burgers


Gochujang Aoli

Optional ingredients

  • Kimchi

  • Arugula

Step 1

Start with making the gochujang aoli! In a small mixing bowl combine Original Gochujang sauce, Rice Vinegar, and Mayo. Mix.

Step 2

Time to make the hamburger patties. Add 1/3 cup of our Bulgogi sauce with the hamburger. Mush them together! Divide them into 4 balls and flatten them into patties.

Step 3

Go get yourself a beer. Preheat the grill to medium heat!

  • Flip every 2-3 minutes.

  • They took around 8 minutes for medium rare.

Layers and Layers of FLAAAAAVORRR.

Enjoy your weekend. You deserve it!

Looking for a refreshing summer salad? This recipe pairs well with citrus fruits and happens to be drop dead GORGEOUS. Don't worry, this vinaigrette isn't spicy. It's the perfect amount of sweet, citrus and tanginess.

I know it can be hard finding time to make your salad dressing yourself, but it's worth it!

Salad for two

Gochujang Vinaigrette ingredients

Salad ingredients

Step 1

  • There really isn't a bunch of steps for this dressing. I like to mince all my vinaigrette ingredients and combine them all into a small mason jar. Then you can shake it up and let the favors meld together. Then just spoon the right amount for you, onto your salad.

So cute right?!?

Step 2

  • I prefer to plate each salad and layer the ingredients. I start with the bottom layer of power greens, then citrus fruits, green onion, then nuts and micro greens. Now your salad is ready for a drizzle or two of gochujang vinaigrette.


Share your meal and tag us. I'm nosey...what did you make for dinner?!?! #bornwithseoul