Grilled Bulgogi Chicken Thighs

Spring is here and it's grillin' season.

This weather has me thinking BBQ and beer. AND I'm all in. This recipes is easy and I mean EASY! You only need 4 ingredients . Pairs well with bacon wrapped asparagus, but any side will do. Asparagus can be grilled along side of the chicken. Enjoy!


Preheat grill to low/medium heat.

Step 1

  1. Prep chicken. Toss in cooking oil and salt and pepper.

  2. Place on grill. Baste one side with Bulgogi sauce.

Step 2

  1. Every 3 minutes flip the chicken. Baste each time with Bulgogi sauce.

Step 3

  1. Keep flipping and basting. HAHAHA! You will repeat this process approximately 4 times. When the internal temp of the chicken hits 165 degrees it's done.

Cheers!!! (건배 geonbae) !!!

Share your meal and tag us. I love to see what everyones having for dinner! #bornwithseoul