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Korean Cucumber Kimchi

Does anyone else love cucumbers as much as I do? Growing up my parents had a huge garden. I fondly remember picking cucumbers and eating them right off the vine. I'm sure at the time I hated helping in the garden, but now it brings back a lot of good memories.

This is a very simple cucumber kimchi recipe that requires our Born With Seoul - Sweet & Tangy Gochujang. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make and how much of a punch it has! You will want to add this to your repertoire of recipes.


Step 1

After you wash your cucumbers, chop them into thin slices.

Step 2

Mince the garlic. Chop those chives! Throw them all in a mixing bowl together.

Add the rest of the ingredients. Hold back the sugar and add after you've done a taste test.

It's best served right away.

Enjoy everyone!


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