Wings! But not just any wings, Korean Wings!
Since it's impossible to eat just one, or even stop at 3 or 4, I started with 2 pounds of wings. The wings should be washed, patted dry, salt & peppered, and then soaked in buttermilk for a couple hours.
Now is a great time to prepare the sauce while the wings are soaking. Mix 4 overflowing tablespoons of Original Sesame gochujang with 4 tablespoons of honey. I love garlic so I pureed a few cloves of garlic and tossed them in as well. Add a little rice wine or water to create a thinner paste if need be.
After the wings have finished bathing in buttermilk, coat with corn starch and deep fry until golden brown. Remove the wings from the frier and let them drip dry for a bit. Place the fried chicken in a wok and mix thoroughly with the sauce over medium heat until all the pieces are equally coated.